Coping with Stress (Ages 8-13) – 8 Week Program

Coping with Stress (Ages 8-13) - 8 Week Program

Event Date:

31 January 2024

Event Time:

4:30 pm

Event Location:

Meridan Community Centre

Adolescence can be a challenging time, and stress is a common issue many girls face. Our aim is to provide a safe space where girls can share their experiences and learn evidence-based strategies to cope with stress.
  • Every Wednesday Starting the 31st of January 2024.
  • 4:30PM – 5:30PM.
  • Meridan Community Centre (70 Springs Dr, Meridan Plains, QLD, 4551).
  • 8 weekly sessions.
  • Maximum 6 girls per session.
  • The program will be led by a team of mental health professionals.

Session Outline:

Session 1 – Understanding stress: In this session, we will help your young person to understand what stress is and how it affects them. They will also learn how to recognise signs of stress within themselves.

Session 2 – Stress and Their Bodies: During this session, we will explore how stress impacts their bodies. They will also learn ways to track their stress levels for better management.

Session 3 – Coping Strategies: This session focuses on equipping your young person with effective strategies to cope with stress. These range from simple calming exercises like belly breathing to mindfulness activities such as guided imagery and mindfulness colouring.

Session 4 – Building Healthy Habits: In this session, we will guide them in establishing healthy habits that contribute to overall well-being. We will discuss aspects like sleep, exercise, balanced nutrition, and self-care, and provide practical tools for implementing these habits.

Session 5 – Time Management: During this session, your young person will learn time management skills that can reduce stress and enhance their productivity.

Session 6 – Problem Solving:  We will help your young person develop problem-solving skills to approach challenges with confidence.

Session 7 – Positive Thinking: Identifying negative thought patterns that contribute to stress is important. In this session, your young person will learn strategies to change these patterns.

Session 8: Personalised Stress Action Plan: In the final session, your young person will create their own personalised plan to cope with stress. This plan will be tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

We aim to create highly interactive sessions that emphasise reflection, discussion, and engaging activities. These activities include opportunities for creative expression and fun games that illustrate the concepts and strategies we cover.

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The program costs $200 per person, equivalent to $25 per session. This fee covers your weekly sessions, the Hot Chocolate Circle workbook, hot chocolate commodities, and creative materials. To secure your spot, an upfront payment of $100 is required, with the full payment due before the first session begins. 

Please note: This program is partially sponsored. If you are in need of a fully sponsored spot, kindly reach out to us at, and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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  • Meridan Community Centre
  • 70 Springs Dr
  • Meridan Plains
  • QLD
  • 4551
  • Australia

Event Schedule Details

  • 31 January 2024 4:30 pm
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